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Healthy vs. Unhealthy Sexuality© & Mechanic vs. Medic©


Product will be full color, two-sided, laminated, 8.5″x11″ without watermark. One side is the Healthy Sexuality vs. Unhealthy Sexuality© Chart and the other side is The Mechanic vs. The Medic© Chart.



Healthy vs. Unhealthy Sexuality©
In chapter 14 “Remember When Sex was Safe and Skydiving was Dangerous?” of Dr. Sheri’s book, she talks about the importance of knowing the difference between healthy sexuality and unhealthy sexuality. Because many individuals grew up in homes where conversations about sex were nonexistent Dr. Sheri’s created this tool that clarifies what healthy sexuality looks like.

The Mechanic vs. The Medic©
When those who’ve betrayed start their healing journey they often feel shame and may also fear losing their partner. Many go into a fix-it mode as they try to fix the problem quickly, which Dr. Sheri identifies as “The Mechanic.” She contrasts this with “The Medic” whose goal is to offer protection and support. While many don’t know what they need to do in order to remedy the pain they’ve caused, Dr. Sheri identifies clear tips and a path that can better help betrayed partners heal.


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