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Dr. Sheri’s Book  Now Available

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I’m so glad you’re


You’ve been walking a tough road, maybe even without support. I’ve been waiting for you. I was hoping you’d come because you need a safe space. I want to hear your heart, where you’ve been and what you’ve gone through. I’m here to help you find hope again.

“One of the hardest things in my life was finding out that someone I thought I knew and trusted, was lying and keeping secrets from me. Discovering the one you love has been viewing pornography, sexting, or having an affair deals a devastating blow.”

-Dr. Sheri Keffer

Many of us develop symptoms of posttraumatic stress after we’re sexually betrayed

It shatters our world and we need help. If this is you, let’s journey together through this book so that you can make choices about what you need to heal.

5 Steps

for recovery from sexual betrayal
Dr. Sheri will show you…

  1. How Betrayal Has Impacted You
    1. First, you’ll have the opportunity to take a questionnaire to help identify and evaluate any symptoms from sexual betrayal you may be currently experiencing.
  2. Unpacking the Effects of Early Trauma
    1. We’ll explore your unique history and how this new trauma of sexual betrayal may have collided with any prior wounds throughout your life.
  3. How Betrayal Trauma Effects Your Brain, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sexuality
    1. You’ll have the opportunity to deeply reflect on how every part of your being (brain, mind, body, spirit, and sexuality) may have effected you. You’ll be given thoughtful steps toward how to better care for yourself.
  4. Taking Steps Toward Relational Safety
    1. Most betrayed partners need two critical things: safety and the truth. We’ll bring laser focus to important issues that must be addressed to rebuild trust and honesty.
  5. Stepping into Empowered Living
    1. You’ll also be given practical tools for how to feel more empowered; including hope-filled ways of doing the necessary work to get you on the other side of where you’re at today.
What’s happened to you is real. You deserve competent, compassionate, and effective care. You are worth it. If you’re willing to take the first step toward change – hope and healing are waiting for you.

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