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I’m so glad you’re here.

You’ve been walking a tough road,

maybe even without support.

I’ve been waiting for You.

I was hoping you’d join me,

because you need a Safe Space to sort things out.

I want to hear your heart,
where you’ve been,
and what you’ve gone through.

I’m here to help you find hope again.

The BraveOne Community is
Currently Closed…But it’s
Opening April 24th!

I have a free workshop coming up on October 11th, where I’ll be sharing my very best advice.

It’s called “Sexual Betrayal: You Have the

Right to Say, Enough is Enough.”

It’s even got some brand new things that I’ve never shared before.

But it won’t be on Facebook or YouTube. You must have the special link to watch.

Click here to get the special link to my free workshop.

I’m interested in direct access to Dr. Sheri and a community of people who get betrayal. I’d like to feel understood and my voice to be heard.

I’m doing some free, public Facebook lives over the next few weeks. Click here to check out my Facebook page or search @drsherikeffer on the app.

For those that don’t have Facebook, you can find them later on my YouTube Channel too. But only for a very limited time. My first talk is titled “Is He a Narcissist… or Is It Sexual Deception?.” I’d love for you to join me. Click here for my YouTube Channel.