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Betrayal trauma
changes the way
we see others,
our world
and ourselves.

What is Betrayal Trauma?

When the person we’ve loved and trusted to protect us, is now the one who’s betrayed and deceived us – our world implodes. So much so, we can barely catch our breath. I often hear the words…

“The pain is unbearable.”
“My emotions are raw.”
“I’m numb.”
“I feel dazed, confused and alone”
“My heart and mind feel disconnected from each other.”
“I can’t get my footing, it’s like I’m sinking in quicksand.”

You might as well be in a hospital emergency room. Can you see the theme?

It is impact. Just like a person dazed from an unexpected accident, military ambush or life threatening experience our body and mind become overwhelmed. Look how many words have to do with a visceral reaction in your body?


Betrayal trauma impacts our body much like
a survivor of post-traumatic stress.
The deception around the betrayal damages
our trust. We no longer feel safe.


Betrayal Through Pornography

If someone has betrayed you through pornography use or some other form of infidelity most likely your body has set off a series of alarms to let you know that things are not okay on the home front. Feelings like anxiety, panic, numbness, exhaustion, grief, depression, stress and fear are common experiences after betrayal.

I am sorry you’re on a gurney from the impact of all
this. You don’t deserve the betrayal that’s
happened to you. What do you need to get safe?
What do you need to heal?


As a trauma survivor, you need care.

You can heal. What happened to you doesn’t have to define who you are. Taking care of your heart, mind, body and spirit are necessary steps for you to heal.

You’re going through so much.
Here are 12 supportive tips to help you bolster your bravery.

Have you had your B12 today?


12 Brave Women
who have bravely taken steps to get their life back.

Have you been impacted by sexual betrayal?

You’ve come to the right place. I'm so sorry about what's happening to you. I know the pain you're going through because I've been there too.