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BraveOne Small Group Connection Contract

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Our BraveOne Community Small Groups have become an amazing opportunity to connect and grow. We find that protecting the group connection & guarding against side conversations while the group is in their healing process maximizes the benefits of the group coaching while protecting the safety of each participant from unhealthy alliances or gossip. It’s very common when participating in group coaching, that relational dynamics of family of origin, unhealed wounds come to the surface, let us know, often via felt pain, that something needs attention & healing. We might feel triggered by someone or we might trigger someone else. We might feel irritated by certain personalities or temperaments as they might remind of someone that has hurt our hearts. When safe, group coaching is done, an invitation for deeper relational healing within the group context can take place. To that end, in order to best support group dynamics, growth, pain and opportunity to heal, BraveOne Small Groups do not allow side conversations between members of the small group to happen outside of the face-to-face group sessions or group messaging app.

We do realize though, that some of our BraveOne Small Group members came into the small group as having already established friendships. We love that! So, how do we care for the group and still have a great friendship? So glad you asked. That’s why we made this “Connection Contract.” We wanted to keep it simple and clear. That’s why we’re asking you to agree to the following:
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