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My Free, Private Teaching

The BraveOne Workshop

Are you tired of all the lies?

Have you just found out about an affair?

Are you afraid he’ll never stop looking at porn?

Is he telling you that you just need to get over it?

Are you scared out of your mind because he doesn’t want to change?

Are you worried about how all this is affecting your kids?

Sexual Betrayal: You Have the Right to Say
"Enough is Enough."

My name is Dr. Sheri Keffer, I too have been betrayed by porn, affairs, and prostitutes. I wrote a book called "Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal." With my 22 years of experience as a doctor of marriage and family and a certified betrayal trauma therapist I know what’s needed to help you, right here and right now.

Wednesday, October 5th at 12pm or 7pm PT

My workshop is for women who've been sexually betrayed by their signifiant other. In my talk I'll be covering things like:

  • Discerning the truth from the lies
  • Protecting yourself and your family
  • Knowing for certain that you are enough
  • Standing up for yourself and asking for what you need
  • Learning how to set boundaries so you can feel safe and secure

You’re In!